Hello, My name is Josephine and Welcome to my P.S. I am a wife to a cyber security professional, Christian Ottopah, a daughter, sister and a friend. I am a pharmacist by profession and enjoy cooking when I am not writing or watching African movies.

I love to write! I am not very good at verbalizing my opinions. In other words, if we were to debate on a topic, I would probably lose. Well, expect when it’s with my husband. I tend to win that kind of debates! Writing has always been my safe haven; my “go to” place for pouring out my emotions and thoughts. I love to keep journals and I LOVE to dream. I usually write out my dreams and review it from time to time. If I were to tell you some of the craziest dreams I’ve dreamt in the past, you would probably laugh out loud. But believe me when I say, earning a doctorate and owning a home were on my “dream list” since I was 10. And here I am today, 20 years later: a doctor of pharmacy and a first time home owner!

I created this page to share some of my personal stories and opinions about life in general; to connect with like-minded people and feed off each others strengths. I want you to pour your hearts out in the comments sections and connect! One of my strengths is to listen. So, what is one wildest thing you’ve dreamt about?