Dear Younger Me

If you could see a glimpse of me, right now, in this very moment, you would be so proud. Girl, you made it to the third decade of your life. Congratulations!

I remember how you dreaded entering this new decade not because it’s a bad thing but for the simple fact that adulting is hard. But you my dear, mastered your way to a full-fledge adult. There were some high and exciting moments – you married the love of your life, bought your first home, etcetera – AND many lows. But girl, you’re more brave than you give yourself credit for. Shy? Yes. But that doesn’t make you timid. Respectful? Yes. But that doesn’t make you foolish. Oh the places you’ll go and the heights you will reach with this your resilient attitude is only but time. You have experienced the most betrayals, painful heartbreak, biggest lost but you walked through those fires and allowed yourself to heal inside and out.

You’re 30 years young today. That is 10,950 blessed days on this earth. You’re now entering some of the best years of your life but buckle up these will also be some of the craziest yet. Know that those craziest moments are beautiful stories waiting to be told. They are a good reminder and motivator of your future successes. You’ll have many laughs and many tears but always remembers to carry everything to God in prayers like you always do. Make Jesus the center of your life in all you do and you won’t be disappointed.

Josephine, it is such an exciting feeling to see you emerge into this strong, independent yet humble human who’s life [will] inspire many. Walk in greatness my darling. Cheers to many more decades of life, good health, prosperity, good riddance and everything good from above.

p.s: I love you.