She’s Changed!

FeaturedShe’s Changed!

Human expectations: “call or text everyday, tell me every details about your life, she doesn’t post photos of me on social media she must not care. She doesn’t remember what I’ve done for her.”

Reality: Sis has a lot going on. Sis forget things easily now. Sis pray for you everyday without texting or calling everyday or posting photos on social media. Sis remembers every single thing and appreciates it or maybe sis is being more intentional about her relationships.

We collectively as human do not like change and that’s understandable. Change can be nerve wracking. Change can be a disruption of the usual. Change can present a fear of not knowing what is to come. I get it. I am a planner. I like to plan things ahead of time so there are no surprises. You can think of me as someone who does not like an interference of plans. I, however, try to deal with change as it comes. After all, I can’t control everything that happens.

Yes, people do change but for the most part the change we perceive in people are due to our own expectations and intuition. We perceive people through the lenses of how things are suppose to be done. Think about this: when there’s a dirt spot on the lens of your eye glasses or when they are tinted, you tend to see everything through an adulterated point of view. Let’s take for instance, I walked into my office on a hot summer day wearing my sunglasses. As soon as I walk in I yell at the top of my lungs; why is the room so dark!?! What am I forgetting to do? You guessed right! Take off my sunglasses! Point is, things may appear dark or bright depending on the lens you decide to view a person [the world] through.

So maybe before you utter the words: “She’s changed,” clean that lens or better still take the dark glasses off. High expectations of people very often leads to disappointments. And if truly She’s Changed, be gracious in your utterances. Give sis a break. Perhaps that change is good for her mental health.

So maybe sis has changed but so have you!

-Photocredit: unknown